My name is Vladimir Marinov. I chose the profession of a psychologist with the clear awareness that this means constant development of competencies. I am currently a PhD student in differential psychology and dispose of a master's degrees in clinical and counseling psychology. In the period from 2013 to this day I find myself under certification in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, having passed through a number of mandatory certificates from the standard of the institute of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy - 200 hours of personal experience, 150 hours of basic skills, specialized skills and supervision. I rely on in-depth knowledge and scientific interest in Schema Therapy. I have experience in educational institutions and professional organizations in Spain - from the prestigious Complutense University in Madrid, Psicologos sin Fronteras and La Casa Grande in Valencia. My doctoral thesis is in the team of Deusto Stress Research (Bilbao) under the leadership of Dr. Esther Calvete. The services I offer cover a wide range of disorders, including affective (depressive), neurotic (anxiety and phobia), personality, interpersonal, intimate, family, oncological diseases. I have experience working with children in school environments, as well as children with developmental disabilities. I regularly give lectures and counsel at the Parenting Academy, as well as on social and emotional learning (video). I offer a number of personal assessment and development tools.

I offer therapy in English and Spanish having obtained Cambridge and DELE permanent C1 certificates for the relevant competences.